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  Northside Gutter Cleaning – Gutter Repair

All Gutter repairs are guarantee for the life of your roof.

Gutter repairs that keep the water out of your home!

Reattaching a gutter: We use special 9-inch gutter spikes to permanently secure the gutter back to the rafters. Our gutter spikes are not the traditional gutter nails. They lock in to the rafters not the fascia board.

Downspouts repairs: We secure, replace and repair downspouts with high quality materials color matched to your existing gutters.

Fascia board repair: We secure the gutter fascia board permanently to the rafters. At the same time we secure the gutter so it will never fall off.

Gutter seam repair: We resecure the two gutters together, clean all the old sealant off and use high quality gutter sealant to permanently repair the leaking seam.

Splashguards: We custom fabricate each splashguard to keep the water from ski jumping over the gutter.

Gutter flashing: We install corrosion proof flashing under the edge of the roof and into the gutters. The flashing covers any gaps between the roof and the gutters preventing the water from running over exposed wood. teed.

Gutter guard / cover repair :We repair gutter guards and covers. Often the system is installed incorectly and only needes a few minor adjustments to make it function corectly.

The majority of our repairs cost less than a tank of gas and are completed while we clean your gutters.

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