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When a clogged gutter overflows & water comes pouring down the wall, the question “when to clean the gutters” is a no brainer. Here is a simple schedule to help keep the gutters clear and free flowing all year long.

Springtime blossoms fill gutters up fast with seedpods and tree silt. If you have a heavily wooded lot, you might consider two spring cleanings or installing gutter screens to keep the system clear during the April showers. Cleaning the gutters will keep the seed pods from growing in your gutters and accumulating in your underground drains.

Late Summer, the start of the Hurricane season. The thunder boomers usually knock a huge volume of debris out of the trees and in to already full gutters. This gutter cleaning avoids many flooded basements.

Fall, the trees change colors and drop their leaves in to the gutters. Heavily wooded lots and homes with underground drains should consider installing gutter screens or cleaning the gutters out twice during this heavy season. Fall is our busiest time of year and by becoming a Northside Gutter service contract member you will be pre scheduled and worry free with priority booking.

Winter storms blow the pine needles, sticks and the rest of the fall debris that’s hanging on out of the trees and in to the gutters.

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